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If you are a trader with a successful system or strategy that has a proven track record, we’d love to hear from you to discuss the possibility of a joint venture. We have lots of experience in product design and marketing as well as our own lists of interested readers, so if you feel you have a product that is worth telling our readers about please send us a message at

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Do you have an opted-in mailing list you would like to build a relationship with and at the same time earn an additional income from? Trader’s Bulletin is our free weekly eletter, delivering market news, trading tips, the latest reviews and free resources. By syndicating our copy, you can build a stronger relationship with your readers, plus you have the added bonus of generating an income from any sales generated. To find out more drop us an email to

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Want to generate an income by promoting our innovative products? If you can sell our systems then we are very happy to handsomely reward you. Becoming an affiliate couldn't be easier. We will give you your own individual tracking link and can also supply you with copy or banners as required. To find out more get in touch with us at:

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High-quality, reliable training – made accessible to all

'everyone should have access to this kind of information'
Founded in 2008, Thames Publishing was set up by Mark Rose to provide high-quality, reliable information and detailed technical training to the ordinary investor.   At the heart of our success is the relationship we build with our members. By offering a wide range of free services, from educational books on technical trading, to reviews of the latest products and services available, our clients are confident that they can rely on Thames Publishing's services and products.

Mark Rose

mark2-182x132 My name is Mark Rose. I set up Thames Publishing because I wanted to create a genuine service for genuine traders – something that was different from anything else out there. Having worked for many years in financial publishing, I was sick of the jargon, misinformation and downright lies that were being peddled by so-called professionals and “gurus”. It never ceased to amaze me how few of these “gurus” actually followed their own advice and traded the ideas they came up with. Why should you trust anyone who isn’t prepared to put their own money behind a strategy or idea that they are telling you about? That’s why I wanted Thames Publishing to be different. Thames Publishing is an independent company, so I've got complete control over what I say and what I publish. This means that I have the freedom to be forthright and to tell you what I really think. What’s more, I will never promote a product that I haven’t tested myself. And I will never publish a trading strategy that I am not currently trading myself. Plus, I wanted to offer traders as much information as I could for free. If you sign up for the FREE weekly Trader's Bulletin email, not only will you get market news and views delivered to your inbox each week, you'll also get access to our free trading resources – strategies, technical know-how, market reports, simple tools and hard-hitting reviews. Remember, all this is completely free. You will never be charged a penny for your Trader’s Bulletin membership.