“This is FINANCIAL DYNAMITE – no wonder this trading secret is so fiercely guarded!”

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Paul BentDiscover how these two men make 18-33%+ returns … trading for just 10 minutes, once a month!

And thanks to their closely guarded trick, it’s NEVER had a drawdown...

no draw downs

Dear Reader,

I’d like to show you a new way to trade that

...Doesn’t require screen-watching or chart signals.

...Needs only ONE trade per month to make serious money each year...

...And most excitingly of all, has had no drawdowns. Thanks to a remarkable trick developed by two trading experts, Glynn Calvert and Paul Bent, your trading fund could never fall back again.

If this sounds too good to be true – I don’t blame you...

My name is Mark Rose. I’m not only a trader, I also review trading products for a living. So when I heard about a system that claimed to have ‘no drawdowns’, I laughed it off as another load of hype...

Then I starting hearing rave reports from traders...

These were people I really trusted... guys who’ve been doing this for years and are – rightfully – pretty sceptical about most claims you see from those ‘get rich quick’ Forex peddlers and ‘guaranteed gain’ gurus.

So one day I jumped on the train to Sheffield and spent a whole day with these two traders.

And they showed me something truly mind-blowing...


“Thanks for all your advice and support! … I am so glad I went on your course.”

Glynn and Paul have mastered a way to bank 18%-33% returns over the year, placing trades just once per month for about 10 minutes. But that’s not even the mind-blowing bit...

As expected, like ALL trading systems, there are times when it doesn’t go exactly to plan. The market goes against you.

Now here is where the genius lies...

Because that’s when you put their ‘trick’ into action. A special trade that stops your trading bank falling back – known as a ‘drawdown’. Instead that potential loss gets cancelled out.

You only need to use this trick in the rare occasions when a trade doesn’t go your way. It’s simple to do – you just need to know how. And it really works.

This is why Glynn and Paul are fiercely protective of it.

They know that this little trick is financial dynamite!

They guard it like you’d guard the Crown Jewels. Especially in an age where anybody can come along, rip off the system and stick it on the internet.

So rather than shout it from the rooftops, or make it available to any person who comes along, they’ve set up base in Yorkshire. There they coach a select few traders in their method... with stunning results.

I found the content straightforward and easy to understand. I can only say that if anyone follows the rules…. they cannot fail to make decent profits. I am currently making around 24% p.a. which I am more than happy with. As far as I am concerned this is the best value trading system around and should last users a lifetime.”
Alan Piggott

It’s no wonder that traders from all over the UK (and beyond) are hammering on their door to get into their private consultancy sessions.

But I’m not writing to you today to tell you about these sessions...


“I've been prospering over the last few months with PIE and am grateful for the course you ran.”

Instead, I want to show you how to discover their trading method – and their closely guarded trick – without needing to go to one of their super-secretive meetings in Sheffield.

However, before I show you how, I want to make something clear.

Who this is NOT for…

If you’re interested in doubling your money every few weeks on some fast-trading scheme – this isn’t for you. Sorry, but this isn’t going to make you 200% returns…

Because this is such a low-risk strategy, the gains are small and steady, rolling in month after month at 1.5%-2.75%…

Most investments will take some ups and downs (hopefully more ups and than downs) – but (until now), investors have accepted that there would always be ‘bad patches’. A ‘drawdown’ is how much the value of your investment falls during one of these periods. Drawdowns can have a devastating effect on trading accounts. If you had a trading fund of £5,000 and had a big 50% drawdown, that would leave you with £2,500. You’d have to make 100% to get that back.

Over a year you could make 18%–33% in returns – or more.

But remember, there have been NO DRAWDOWNS.

That means that since trading began in 2011, the trading fund has NEVER taken a set back – every month it’s either made a profit, or (at worst) come out even.

For ordinary home trades, drawdowns are the biggest obstacle to success – in fact, they can be disastrous. These losing runs can wipe out your smaller trading pot, or simply be too much for you to cope with psychologically.

So imagine now if you never had those drops at all… if that line kept rising like this (or, at worst, just stays steady)…

With this kind of security, you can put your money into an investment and watch it grow with confidence.

This is what Glynn and Paul have developed…

Thanks to their special trick, you could never have to suffer drawdown periods again.

Which, as any investor will tell you, is absolute magic.

You’re probably thinking that this trick must be very technical, or take up a lot of time…


“I aim for 2% monthly on both Interactive and GFT and am trading the original system on both … I'm around 14 months away from having 6 figures in the market so all is good. The kids even have a 5 figure account, so maybe they'll have more options in their future than I had.

Once again Paul, many thanks. Sometimes it's easy to take PIE for granted.”

But that’s the beauty of it … you get this return for almost zero effort.

With their method you’re trading just once a month for 10 minutes. That’s all it takes. No screen watching, no complicated charts, no stress.

It means you can easily run this method alongside any of your other trading and investment activities. Or you can just get on with your life!

Just imagine making a 20%+ return, for the rest of your life, without staring at charts for hours every day… and without risking the shirt off your back to do it!

Imagine the possibilities for capital growth, or a monthly residual income… or BOTH!

After all, when you turn £10,000 into £13,000… Or £20,0000 into £26,000… or £50,000 into £62,000 for very little effort, what’s not to like?

And ask yourself this…

Where else could 10 minutes per month earn you £3,000… £6,000… or £12,000 income in a year?

As a trader and a reviewer, I’ve tried a lot of systems. I’ve lost count of the times I’m told by excited traders that they’ve discovered the ‘Holy Grail’… a trading system that can’t fail… that’s going to make them RICH.

I try to be polite – I know myself how exciting it is when a strategy has a few good weeks. It’s easy to get carried away.

But so often these systems break-down after a while in the real world…

If you’ve ever tried one and been disappointed after a few months, then you know what I mean.

The problem with most trading methods is that they require you to learn about chart patterns, look for signals, and check your screen throughout the day for trades…

I attended the PIE course at the end of January 2014 and was impressed by the both the information and the way it was presented.
I have now been live trading for three months and have used both Interactive Brokers and GFT for my investments. I have traded the FTSE and DAX and am very satisfied with a return so far of 23% on an annualised basis. I have no doubt that this system should provide a more than adequate pension in the years to come.
I would also like to say that the support provided by Glynn and Paul is first class and I am impressed that they have both been prepared to discuss the finer points of the strategy with me several months after I attended the course.”


Then there’s all that tricky psychology you have to learn – so you can can cope with losses and wins, controlling those instincts of greed and fear.

In other word, there’s huge margin of error.

Let’s face it, the main reason people fail is that eventually ‘drawdowns’ catch them out… they find themselves in the middle of a losing run, and they either run out of money, or run out of the will to keep trading!

And even a system which is profitable 80% of the time could feasibly experience an extended losing streak.

So what sets this system apart is the clever risk-control trick Glynn and Paul use to put the brakes on these drawdowns

As I’m sure you understand, they are absolutely unwilling to simply broadcast it in a public invitation like this. Even those who attend their private sessions are absolutely sworn to secrecy.

This is their life’s work, and they’re not going to leak it onto the internet. And I don’t blame them.

Would like to thank both yourself and Glynn for the level of honesty & integrity you've shown. Truly not salesmen, as it was a 'no pressure' experience from the very first phone call.
Not a service readily available nowadays...especially via the Internet!”

When you see the power of this thing to generate an income for life, neither will you!

But if you’re interested, today could be a really important turning point for you…

Let Glynn and Paul deliver you the method, the system and the top secret ‘trick’ and set you up for a lifetime of steady investment income!

You could get the whole thing sent direct to you, with all the steps and instructions and support from Glynn and Paul. And yes, that special trick of theirs that really is one of the most remarkable things I’ve seen in all my years trading.

But let me explain more about these two men and their method…

image of Glynn Calvert Glynn Calvert has well over 30 years’ experience in the financial markets. He’s traded everything from Unit trusts, Investment trusts and stocks to futures, Forex and CFDs. His ethos is all about protecting your money with steady returns and low, low risk.

This is why he committed himself to many years of trial and error, developing a strategy that would make money whether the market moved up or down.

image of Paul Bent

Paul Bent brings very different skills to the table. He learned about the value of protection and risk-control the hard way: at the coal-face, trading his own money.

As you’d expect with someone putting their own cash on the line, day after day, he’s obsessed with statistics and probability. He’s a man who crunches the numbers and leaves nothing to chance.

In 2011, these two down-to-earth Northerners joined forces to create Profitable Investment Education Ltd – also known as PIE. They put together decades of experience, trial and testing to create a once-per-month trading method that generates 18%-33% returns over a year. More importantly, it comes with an inbuilt safety mechanism that means they’ve never had to suffer a drawdown on their account.

Thank you Paul and Glynn for making a real difference to life for my wife and me"


With PIE you can avoid all the hard work and dodge the risk, associated with trading.

And it has NOTHING to do with Forex, binary betting or those other ‘risky’ systems you might have come across.

This is not another Forex method, trading currencies…

It’s not about binary bets where you win or lose…


“Profitable Investment Education is exactly that, “profitable”. I just wish I had found the education many years ago, no doubt I would be long retired and living in Malta or some other warm place. I cannot thank you both enough for the opportunity to invest in PIE. The words I use when asked are. The strategy is simple, profitable, affordable and low risk.

Keep up the good work guys.”

Instead, they focus on something that, to many people, will sound dull – it’s more akin to an insurance policy than to the cut-and-thrust of trading the markets … (but this is actually one of its strengths when it comes to risk control).

…PIE trades options.

Now if you’re thinking either “Uh, boring” or “What on earth?” then don’t worry – you just need to grasp a few key facts to make this work for you.

All you need to know is that an option is a contract which gives the buyer the right (but not the obligation) to buy or sell an asset at a particular price on a particular date in the future.

It’s hardly as exciting as Forex, is it?

This is why most people switch off a bit. They think of options as complicated and old-fashioned.

More fool them!

Because it’s thanks to options that Glynn and Paul have developed a way to take trading positions white protecting their capital.

It’s absolute bloody genius!

Now, until recently, you’d have to trade the option itself … which they can (and do) still show you how to do. It takes a larger trading fund to do this properly. So it’s not for everyone.

However, it’s now also possible to spread bet the options instead. This means:

As I’ve said, you need to be clear that whether you trade the options themselves, or spread bet them, this isn’t the kind of system delivers returns of 100%–200% each year.


Most sensible investors use compounding, which means reinvesting your profits. This is recognized as the best way to grow your wealth.

However, if you have volatile returns, it can stop compounding working for you. Here’s an example … Let’s say you have £10,000 to invest. You earn 20% profit on a good month, and lose 17% on a bad month. Overall, your average return should be 3% per month.

Now compare this to a steady return of 2% every month. Let’s see what happens...

As you can see, the volatile 3% return actually lost money, while the steady 2% per month added up to 21.9% return over 10 months. After 24 months, you’d be looking at a return over 60%.

Consistency is often ignored by investors, but it makes a huge difference to your profits. And that’s exactly what PIE offers. In the long term (I’m talking about 10 years here), earning 20–50% return per year, you could turn a trading fund of £10,000 into £61,917–£576,650!

Truth is, profits like that simply aren’t sustainable. They come with risks and pitfalls that mean you’ll get losing runs … bad months … even bad years. For many traders, those rough patches are just too painful to get through.

PIE offers a different route…

One with steady, low risk, sustainable rewards.

And what makes this a real no-brainer is that…

It’s genuine “no effort” trading

Glynn and Paul’s system will not eat into your time. It takes around 10 minutes to claim your profits and get set up for the next month.
However, in the case that the trade is going against you – as WILL happen from time to time – that’s when you put their highly guarded ‘trick’ into action. It will claw back the potential loss and stop your account from drawing down.

Now, I have to admit, when I first saw this I thought there HAD to be something wrong with it. Some flaw that I’d missed. Did this ‘trick’ really work – even through the toughest market conditions?

That’s why I went to Sheffield myself and learned the whole method face-to-face…

I even pored over Glynn and Paul’s trading records.

Glynn’s trading statements showed returns in excess of 25% a year, going all the way back to 2011, trading the options with ZERO drawdown.

And here’s what surprised me…

In all the time that Glynn has been trading the PIE System, he’s only had 4 months when he had to use his “trick” – and this was back during the financial turbulence of 2011. It meant that when others were losing money hand over fist, his account merely stood still for 4 months.

Amazing really. Despite the most volatile and unpredictable market conditions for decades… with trillions wiped off company values… the PIE strategy made a profit every year.


“I attended the course back in May 2013 and have to say that on all of the courses I have attended I have not met anyone as knowledgeable, professional, genuine, honest and friendly as Paul & Glynn.

“I am an extremely risk averse accountant that likes to question everything about everything and what Glynn teaches is flawless. My biggest concern with any system is how it handles a Black Swan / Market Crash event. The way this is covered in the course is amazing to follow and left out of just about every other system I have come across.

“I have traded the system in the last 12 months and averaged about 18% return and never put my capital at risk so I am extremely happy. I even traded whilst on a 2 month cycling trip.

“I am also very grateful to their commitment to giving updates and constantly monitoring the system for either improving returns or reducing risk.

“I have spent many many hours trying to find any other method/concept of investing that comes even close to the risk/return profile that P.I.E. gives and have every time come back to the fact of how amazing the system is.

Thank You Thank You Thank You Paul & Glynn.”

That’s the real beauty of this system. The worst-case scenario it has ever experienced is to break even for a few months.

Meanwhile Paul has recently started trading in a slightly more aggressive way, using the spread-betting method. This means that he can earn a potentially bigger return, but (because of the way the trick works with spread betting) there can be a period of drawdown – I wish I could go into more detail to explain this difference, but this secret trick is so fiercely guarded, I really can’t say any more here.

What I can tell you however, is that he’d yielded 22% in just seven months!

The great thing about PIE is that you can choose how to trade…

Bigger returns with a smaller pot and low controlled risk… or smaller returns using the ‘zero drawdown’ method … it’s up to you

Depending on how you trade it, you could be making around 20% a year, or you can push your returns harder with spread betting.

And whether you pick the more aggressive method, or the steady, drawdown-free method – you’re still only trading ONCE every month for 10 minutes.

This is why I believe this is the smartest and lowest effort way to trade that I’ve ever come across…

Yes, it does have a flaw – it’s not very exciting and if you enjoy trading you’re going to be twiddling your thumbs for most of the month.

But it can, over time, make you serious money.

And isn’t that why you want to trade?

What’s more, the beauty of it is, it’s so easy and low effort, you can run this system alongside all your other trading activities or in tandem with a busy job.

This could be your slow, steady, reliable moneymaker – like the world’s best ever high-interest account!

All you need to do is be bold and seize this opportunity.

And that’s what you can do today.

If you’re interested, here’s how it will work…

That’s it!

So, let’s be clear – if you’re interested in doubling your money every few weeks on a fast-trading Forex scheme – this won’t be for you.

But if you’d like to see a steady return in excess of 20% per annum, and build wealth over a number of years … Glynn and Paul have the answer.

And if 18%–33% over a year doesn’t sound exciting enough for you. Just stop for a moment and compare this to other investments…

As you can see… returns from buy to let, annuities and bank savings are way less than you’d get with the PIE strategy. In fact, I know one investor who sold all his buy-to-let investments to put the money into PIE.

So, you can use PIE to trade once a month and generate an income, year after year, choosing from the zero drawdown method, or the extremely low risk of drawdown method … building an investment income for life.

If we look at the effect a modest 2% monthly return could have over the next 20 years, by compounding your profits each month…

Just listen to PIE member Brian, who writes

As you know there have been a couple of periods since May when trading conditions were a bit difficult and my positions were challenged on a few occasions. Even so I never made less than 1.06% monthly …
I have now placed approximately 75% of my pension pot in the system and look forward to many more years of profitable trading. Kind regards,"

Seriously, of all the systems, methods and tipping services I’ve seen, this is nothing short of a trading Holy Grail.

But what you will have is consistent monthly returns without any real effort. It’s as close as a genuine “money for nothing” situation as you’ll ever come across.


“I attended your course on 26.3.2014. Thanks so much for the life-changing information. You may recall that I work for the NHS and was disillusioned with the intended government changes to the NHS pension scheme. I am now taking active steps to convert my NHS pension to a SIPP.”

This is money that could pay for life's luxuries, go directly into the mortgage or top up whatever income you have right now. All you need to do is switch on your PC once a month and follow the simple steps for 10 minutes.


You need to be bold.

You need to grab this lifetime opportunity today without fear.

You need to have the confidence to take this up – no trials, testing the water or dabbling. This is a case of you either see their secret trick for cutting out risk or you walk away now and miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.


“ … my 5 trades since 19 Sep (4 months) have added 9.81% to my capital.”

So if you too would like to earn a monthly income from your investment, far higher than putting it in the bank, into buy to let, or general stocks and shares… AND to learn the trick that has meant Paul and Glynn have NEVER suffered a drawdown…
…then today’s your opportunity.

What to do next

Click on the link below, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can order PIE today. It comes with:


“Thought I would get in touch again as I have now reached a special milestone in my PIE trading.

After taking the course in April 2013 and trading properly from June 2013 with low risk cautious investment I have now fully recovered my course fee (£2,500)

I started with a £10,000 bank and by the 19th September it will be standing just over £12,500.

That’s £2,500 in 16 months, nearly 19% growth per year.

I know compared to some of your other students this is probably small fry but I am over the moon with this return.”

You’ll get that support for as long as you need it, so you can’t fail to get set up on your new monthly trading routine.

Really, once you get started, it couldn’t be easier.

But here’s the deal – and brace yourself for this.

Unlike all those trading systems you’ve tried or seen in the past, this one doesn’t play around with trials.
Once you see the secret, you know the secret. It’s not complicated and, to be frank, anyone can rip it off and send it round the internet, ruining it for all the people who have paid good money to learn this trading system.

Because of this, there is no trial period.

Glynn and Paul make no apology for this. They’re not out to flog copies of their system like it was some fly-by-night FX manual.

This is the real deal.

People pay them thousands of pounds upfront for this secret – because once you know it, you will make money, simple as that. The creators of PIE have enough clients knocking on their door and they don’t need to compromise their highly guarded method.

After pestering them on behalf of our readers, I am finally able to come to you today, offering you the chance to learn and use their method without travelling to Sheffield

Now anyone can learn this secret from home

There’s no trial, there are no marketing tricks, “limited numbers” or deadlines.

Only people who seriously want to make regular money with a unique, proven “no drawdown” system need apply.

If that is you, then this could be a game-changer. Something that could utterly transform the next 10–20 years and build a nest-egg, avoiding the risk and effort usually associated with making money.

And to let me reassure you…


“ ...a huge thank you for the ongoing support and updates on the PIE variations following the course back in 2012.”

Glynn and Paul are very highly regarded. They have hundreds of happy clients and this offer is completely endorsed by myself and Thames Publishing. I use the PIE strategy myself with my own money – I’ve been doing so since January and can confirm that I’ve never experienced a drawdown. (I’ve had to use the special trick once – and it worked liked clockwork!)

From the moment you order PIE you will have contact – that is email addresses, telephone numbers and support – not just Glynn and Paul’s, but my own, to make sure there are no problems.

So if you’re willing to try something that really can make you an income, month after month, that can slowly but steadily earn you a lifetime’s income for 10 minutes per month, then please


To give you an idea of how powerful this is, here are just a few more comments from PIE users.

Hi Glynn, As mentioned in our telephone conversation yesterday, I managed to get 2% on my balance last month, which equates to more than £8,000 so, as you can imagine, I'm loving your system! All the best,"


Paul and Glynn, Thanks for your strategy updates over the course of the year, the only course/strategy/method I’ve ever purchased that’s actually worked - and very well! Best wishes to both of you and your families,"

Mark Mellor

To join them, all you need to do is order today and start using this brilliant, mind-blowingly easy system month after month.

So how much do you need to invest?

I believe that the consistent annual income from PIE will last a lifetime. On a £10,000 trading fund that’s £2,000–£5,000 every year. And remember – this has never suffered a drawdown – in other words, even when the markets have gone haywire, the worst PIE has done is to standstill.

Over the next five years, by compounding that return, you could add between £14,883 and £65,937 to your fund… over ten years it’s £51,917–£566,650 more on top of your original trading fund…!

For this awesome income potential they are asking for your investment of £2,995. That's £750 deposit today, with the balance of £2,245 payable once Paul and Glynn have confirmed your details for your personalised trading manuals.

I know that figure will force many traders to walk away immediately. If that’s you, then I’m not suggesting that you should over-stretch yourself. This isn’t a cheap course, so it won’t be for everyone.

However, if you have some money to invest, then investing that initial sum in your training will quickly yield rewards. You’ll receive all the information you need to use this system for yourself. And, most importantly, this knowledge should give you a lifetime of seriously high returns on your money. It’s an incredible opportunity to change your fortunes, and those of your family.

Remember, you can contact Glynn and Paul, ask questions and use their help. There’s nothing that will stop you setting this up and using it, even if you’re a complete beginner.

This couldn’t be simpler…

Once a month you need to fire up your PC…

…log onto your trading account
…spend 10 minutes taking profits and setting up a trade
…and if the trade is going against you, a special alert will tell you to activate their secret ‘trick’ that cancels out the loss.

Hi Paul/Glyn, It’s almost 2 years now since I went on the PIE course, and to say that things have changed, has been somewhat of an understatement.

I started trading with a £10k bank, as required at the time, and put the steps into place. Since that first trade, I have made profit every month.

The thing is, every month, I know what my profit will be next month….That’s a great benefit when planning.

To be fair, I added more funds when I realised that It would impossible to lose any money (provided that the rules are followed). And as of today, I have my own large 5 figure account with IB, and a small 5 figure account in GFT which trades my daughters money (aged 3 and 8).

Since the time I added more money, I’ve not had to work. When Paul visited, I think I was driving a small Renault Twingo. Just last week when Paul dropped off some info, he had to squeeze past the New Kia Sportage. The Twingo cost £7k, the Kia cost £21k.

The biggest benefit is not the toys or the money… It’s the time…

To be home when the kids go to school, and being home when they return is a real blessing. It's also the confidence of knowing that if I'm sensible, I'll not have to worry about money again.

I can only say good things about the course, and more importantly, the back up support ;-)

Thanks again guys”


It’s a really exciting opportunity, if you’re willing to seize it with both hands.

All you have to do is follow the link below, enter your details and you’ll get everything you need,

Click here to start your exciting new trading journey

I really hope you’ll take up this offer. Because finally, you could trade with no more losing runs that wipe out your trading account or drive you out of trading altogether.


“It was a leap of faith which has paid for itself many times over. I thank you very much.”

Now you can use an astonishingly clever trick to make a 18–33% return every year … a trading strategy that’s NEVER had a drawdown!

It comes with full support and my highest recommendation.


mark rose signature

Mark Rose

PS: What Paul and Glynn have developed here is absolute trading dynamite – every time there’s a potential loss, their clever trick allows you to cancel it out. What’s more their system requires only 10 minutes of trading ONCE a month! No sitting at a screen or interpreting chart signals … and you can make money whether the market’s going up or down!

Click here to start trading the PIE system now