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70 Responses to Testimonials

  • Ms Fry says:

    “It is a nice simple system which shows the precise stake, stop losses and limit orders with no ambiguity or misunderstanding.”

  • Sam B. says:

    “It’s rock-solid, has been performing brilliantly, and I see it making me money for quite some time! I’d recommend it to everyone.”

  • G.W., Tunbridge Wells says:

    “Initially I thought the system sounded very promising on paper but thanks to most of my previous experiences, I must confess I approached it with a slightly skeptical attitude … I have tried quite a few “very promising” systems on paper, only to discover that they only break even, or even lose money … Now that I’ve been using it for 2 months my feelings are completely different. I would go as far to say that I love this system!”

  • Mr Cooke says:

    “This is something else, what a system!”

  • A.M., Derbyshire says:

    “Value for money is off the scale!”

  • A.N., Loughborough says:

    “A system that has continually shown a profit and improved my trading account balance with the prospects of increased profits to come.”

  • Mr Mansell says:

    “Excellent value”

  • L.W., Walton on Thames says:

    “Absolutely brilliant. This is the most inspirational package I have come across in years.”

  • A. McBarnett, Bucks says:

    “This is one of the true systems that does exactly what it says on the tinand I have the confidence that this will change my life for the better.”

  • Mr Cooke says:

    “After 2 months of trading I have turned a bank of£6000 into £14,402. To put this into perspective, I run an internet savings account that is paying roughly 2% per annum. If I put my £6000 into that account, it would take over 45 years to get the same return on my investment!!!!”

  • Bhajan, Birmingham says:

    “I would have no hesitation in recommending this system to other traders looking for a simple, 10-minute daily, profitable trading system.”

  • Mr Mansell says:

    “Without wishing to sound like a boot-licker, I can honestly say that it is THE best system I have come across in 10 years of searching! Every day I would be thinking ‘due for a loser’, only to check back later to see yet another winner! Maybe I’ve just been testing at the right time, but it does seem to have long-term potential.”

  • Nick O. says:

    “I would most certainly recommend the system to others.”

  • Mr Williams says:

    “I really love using the Daily Index trader! Of all the simple-to-use systems I’ve tried, this is the best one by far! (When I say simple, I mean simple to use – the spreadsheet and all the work to figure out and develop the system is all very clever!) I would definitely be keeping it after the 30-day refund period and definitely plan to keep using it in the future!”

  • Steve C. says:

    “This is one hell of a system that can change people’s lives for the better!”

  • Mr Williams says:

    “It is wonderful to see such a simple to use system, prove so profitable. It has reinforced to me the benefit of finding a good strategy and sticking to it. It is also nice to have a profitable strategy that one can add to ones trading arsenal.”

  • Bhajan, from Birmingham says:

    “Daily Index Trader has been enormously successful, so far.”

  • G.W., Tunbridge Wells says:

    “The first month I made a return of 20% which was great. August was brilliant I made a return of 82.6%!! So far this month I am 10% up.”

  • Sam B says:

    “The best bit? To be honest, looking at my profits for the first month! I was even pleased to see that there were a few losses in there and that the money management side of the strategy is robust enough to handle that.”

  • Steve, C says:

    “What a fantastic week……..AGAIN!!”

  • Sam B. says:

    “I’ve great confidence in it, it has given me good results, takes moments to set up the daily sheet inputs and trades, and is automated. I like not having to watch trades or use snap judgment learned off a DVD collection. Even when I’ve had a few losses clustered together, the strategy is strong enough so I don’t get shaken.”

  • Mr Williams says:

    “It is very easy to use as spread sheet basically works it all out for you, so there is very little thinking involved.”

  • A. McBarnett, Bucks says:

    “I wanted to take the opportunity to say what a fantastic system you have developed.”

  • Ms Fry says:

    “My account has been growing at an average of 7% per week. This is a phenomenal financial opportunity compared to interest rates on savings accounts and only having a low level of risk.”

  • L.W., Walton on Thames says:

    “I would urge anyone thinking of purchasing a trading system to consider this one very seriously. It fits in with my lifestyle beautifully – an early start is not required in the mornings, and it has usually paid dividends by the end of each day.”

  • Mr Cooke says:

    “I can confirm this is one of the most simple and profitable trading systems I have ever used. What an amazing product!”

  • Sam B says:

    “The ease of use and clarity are great.”

  • Sam B. says:

    “I see this as a good wealth generator, and if someone can’t take the 5 minutes each day to use such a solid tool, then they’ll have to come to terms with never being wealthy!”

  • S.C., Hull says:

    “This is one of the most straightforward and simple trading strategies I have tried. It is a truly set and forget strategy which I will continue to use and make profits from.”

  • Sue, Somerset says:

    “The system is easy to use and the clarity of the manual with self explanatory screenshots is second to none. It fits well with my lifestyle because it only takes 10 minutes a day and then I can log off and leave it safe in the knowledge there are tight stops. The value for money is good because the system works.”

  • admin says:

    “As a young guy earning very much an average salary, a profitable system like this really makes a big difference to me!” Mr Williams

  • Sue, Somerset says:

    “This is an absolutely superb system because it is based on such logical principles of correlation. I like the tight stops and realistic attainable profit targets. I especially like how with the spreadsheet you can tailor it to your own preferred level of risk so you can make the system fit your own psychological profile. In short it is superb, the best system I have ever used and I am absolutely thrilled with it.”

  • S.C., Hull says:

    “The facts are that I have doubled my initial investment in less than two months, so a price of £287 is unbelievable value for money. Depending on the size of your starting bank, this could easily be recouped within a week or so with very little effort. Even a complete beginner with a few hundred pounds starting bank wouldn’t have any trouble getting their money back within a month. There aren’t many businesses or opportunities that could offer that sort of return.”

  • Paul B. London says:

    “Hi Mark, Just wanted to share my exuberance and express again my gratitude to a great ten minute system you have uncovered. … Also just to let you know that since buying your system in June I have more than doubled my starting bank and can only again endorse this system as one of the easiest and so far profitable to date.”

  • Mr Gregory says:

    “Great value for money (only the modest purchase price and no subscriptions/extras).”

  • Pete, Surrey says:

    “It’s obvious that you and your team spend a lot of time crunching numbers to produce tools like this and I’m very glad I took the “Risk” and bought it originally. Without doubt THE best investment I’ve ever made.”

  • V. Warner, Wrexham says:

    “I have doubled my initial investment”

  • IG, Suffolk says:

    A perfect business for the small guy like me, getting started – very small start up costs, potential to gradually make a very large income with limited and managed risk, and the ability to work it around a full-time day job.

  • G Lucas, Maldo says:

    Simplicity, good results, value for money

  • Nick O. says:

    “I can’t wait for 9.30 these days, and am constantly excited to see how things have developed overnight. I mean, making money while you sleep – it can’t get much better than that can it!!!

  • N. Lavender, Essex says:

    “Has allowed a complete novice like me to trade without having to master the complexities of it all.”

  • Mr Gregory says:

    “I feel I belong to something really special, that’s doing good things and really helping the average guy better himself in a steady, ethical way. Thank you for everything and your continued support and that £100k+ income is looking very do-able next year.”

  • George Corsar, Mid Glamorgan says:

    “Please keep up the GREAT work. Thanks again.”

  • Aran Jones says:

    “The ONLY system I have seen which honestly offers exactly what it claims. It really will only take you five minutes (or perhaps a maximum of 10 while you’re still getting used to it) to identify and set your trade. What’s more, unlike the vast majority of other systems, it WILL give you a specific trade every single day (except weekends!)”

  • BW, Ashford says:

    “Thanks for the fantastic service.”

  • AS, Bristol says:

    “I work full time in the financial industry so the timings of placing the trades is ideal for me …I would be very surprised if there is anything else out there which is as simple as this strategy.”

  • Arthur Turner, Hampshire says:

    “It has taken the uncertainty factor out of trading. They are really no decisions to make about how or when to trade.”

  • Romuald N. says:

    “The closest I will ever get to owning my personal money-printing machine (£840 in 15 days for doing nothing?) I love it!”

  • EP, South Yorkshire says:

    “A first-class piece of kit”

  • Raj B, North London says:

    “Unlike many other system sellers, I am really encouraged by your attitude concerning market behaviour and how we can adapt to the inevitable changes that many others simply don’t bother with.”

  • Dave W says:

    “Stupendous! At last, a highly profitable set-and-forget trading tool that has universal appeal.”

  • Gordon Reid, GLASGOW says:

    “ I like the simplicity of the system. Within literally two minutes a trade can be placed and you can get on with the rest of the day.”

  • Ian G. says:

    I have spent literally thousands of pounds over the last 18 months to 2 years trying to find something like this that works so consistently well, with so much potential, ongoing support and that I could do. Thank god I didn’t give up and found Five-Minute FTSE, or it found me!

  • Su M says:

    “It is amazing to have found out a way to trade without all the stress. Thanks to you!”

  • Mr Orosz says:

    “I love the simplicity of the system … After testing it for serveral weeks, I now have the confidence to know that this can make a useful secondary income.”

  • D.W. from Bristol says:

    “Don’t expect to jet yourself into the millionaire class overnight. But this is a cruise-liner of trading tools. Highly recommended.”

  • Mr Navigue says:

    “Wow! Another 28 pips profit in the bag! I just love the fact that you place a trade order, go to bed and wake up in the morning with a profit. It is the best way of making money I know of.

  • L. Oldfield says:

    “Many thanks for all the hard work, time and effort you have put in to help us make money.”

  • S.M. from York says:

    “Your system is completely stress free – takes just 5 minutes to set up and you can literally walk away. It is the most peaceful trading I have ever done.”

  • Gary Toungue, Cannock says:

    “I’m very impressed with the service. I find you very honest and the weekly round ups are very reassuring.”

  • A.G., Herts says:

    “I don’t subscribe to any other investment advice strategies anymore.”

  • Mrs Macarthur says:

    ” I have to say, your support was (and is) excellent.”

  • Ian G. says:

    “It is quick, easy, stress-free, makes consistent money and, most importantly (from a customer’s viewpoint), I CAN AND AM DOING IT.”

  • - Nick O. says:

    “I think this strategy is genius. Thank you.”

  • HJ, Bishops Stortford says:

    “Your after sales service is brilliant.”

  • L. Oldfield, Merseyside says:

    “It has given me the confidence to trade in uncertain times”

  • Mr Orosz says:

    “I’ve tried so many strategies which, however sound they may be, do require you to watch the market and interpret signals. It’s wonderful to strip all that away, so there are no emotions involved in knowing when to press the exit button.”

  • David Smith West Midlands says:

    “For the first time I am having success and feel confident that it will continue”

  • Sarah, Nottingham says:

    “The time to trade is very convenient, it only takes a few minutes to place the trade and you don’t have to watch the markets all day long”

  • Mr & Mrs Bauldains says:

    “Just a few lines to say thank you very much, our trades have been very successful for the last three weeks. We started with a bank of £600 and our current running total to date is £1,118.60, which is well beyond our expectations.”